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Back in 2017, La Comida De Jeremie was created to build a community and share things that I learned. I wanted to bring some extra happiness to the world along with some beautiful creations! As my platform and community continued to grow, I wanted to find a way to expand and offer more to my supporters–which is how I landed on creating a donor's only side of my platform which can be found on Ko-Fi.

This is a way for me to connect with more of you, collaborate, and also offer some fun personalized content just for my supporter. Whether you want to help my career grow, get some cool exclusive merch, or learn something new–this is the place for you. You will find 4 membership tiers with descriptions of what they offer and the monthly fee.


Your support goes directly to investing in my career, growth of my platform, and being able to continue to create things that make people all over the world smile :) 


thank you <3

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